Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Fun!

Well, we've finally had a bit of summer here! Zane's actually been wearing shorts and sleeping without footie PJs every night. Michael and I have finally pushed back the comforter for a few nights. One hot day Zane had fun cooling us off with the hose.

We also had the pool out one day, but I'm not sure if we'll manage that again. I hope so! It's sad to think of Fall coming after such a mean Spring and Summer.

Zane and I have been trying to get in our outside fun while the weather lasts. On one zoo outing we made a special stop to feed the giraffes; I loved it so much I wanted to get right back in line and do it again! We definitely need to go back for more another day. It's too bad the elephant feeding time is right during nap time; I guess we need to save that fun for another year. We went to Carkeek Park one day and spent an hour on the beach and an hour in the playground. We played with other kids, held crabs, stomped in the creek outflow, fed a scruffy crow, made sandcastles, watched trains go by, and slid through the belly of an enormous salmon over and over again. Zane's water shoes got pretty gross in the creek, and since they were really too small anyway, I tossed them. His new blue water shoes are his current favorite shoes to wear anywhere.

We just went to Zane's two year check up, and he is still a pipsqueak at 23 pounds and just under 34 inches. But still, I think Zane has been growing lately, and I need to replace more of his shoes. I've been looking at the consignment store with no luck, and I just need to grit my teeth and pay for new ones. I noticed some of his pants are starting to get a bit short, so I'll need to let the hems down; still plenty of life left in them! We think Zane may also be working on his two year molars as he's got his hands in his mouth a lot and is drooling more than usual. I can't feel any teeth yet, but they could be on the move. I've been explaining tooth growth to Zane, showing him mine, and asking if his mouth hurts, but he doesn't seem to understand what I'm talking about.

Another exciting new development for me is Zane's new bed! He hasn't actually slept in it yet, but he really likes it and we pretend to sleep in it. The bed is in a downstairs room, so my goal is to get him used to it and eventually in his own room. Maybe we'd all sleep better then! We'll work on having naps there first. I guess I need to get some heavy drapes to make it nice and dark.

Zane is starting to understand stories now. I've actually been able to have him sit still for me while I read a book instead of just talking about the pictures. This morning he sat all the way through Miss Rumphius! I soooo love to sit snuggled up with Zane reading books in the morning. I can't wait for more real stories. He has also started to tell stories, so I guess his brain is figuring out event sequences. One day he and I went to see a fire truck and ambulance up the street, and when we got back he excitedly (sorta) told Michael all about it. A boy in his daycare moved away, and one evening he told me that Allen moved away -- in a rocket ship (complete with sound effects)!

Zane's latest physical project is learning to jump. I'm kind of excited about that one, although I'm not sure why! He hasn't actually caught air yet (except when he "jumps" off something high), but he's working on it and will get there soon!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Zane 2.0

Happy Birthday, Zane!

Just like last year, I've spent a lot of time thinking about the days leading up to Zane's birth and what I was doing at the time. In looking back over the last year of posts it's fun to see what Zane has accomplished. This is what I predicted on his first birthday: "This next year will bring walking and talking and tantrums." Well that was accurate! Here are some accomplishments throughout the year: He started his second year at 18 lbs 12 oz, 29.5", began trips to the zoo, first non-name word "up", mid-Sept walking on own and "no", moved to one nap, second trip to Maine in December, started watching videos, in February began imaginative play, learned sense of self, learned colors, in April got his SCAR, began yelling in his sleep, in May terrible twos begin, fine motor control, lots of climbing, understanding pronouns, first pair of underwear, and beginning to learn shapes and counting.

And what do I look forward to next year? Well, I image he'll get pretty fluent with language and easier to understand, learn shapes and counting, jump, walk up and down stairs without hands, and generally get stronger and more nimble. What do I dream of? Potty training and sleeping in his own room!

Sunday we celebrated Zane's birthday a day early since we needed to go to daycare and work on Monday. One of our 3 year old neighbors, Josie, came over with her Mom. We had cake, but Zane wouldn't really eat any (he had it at dinner). Then we did presents, and that was a big success! Zane got an enormous cement mixer, a ball and hammer toy, little fire trucks, a yellow balance bike, and a new cup. There are some more presents from relatives that we saved for Monday. We started the day off with a bike ride to the Ballard Farmers' Market where we ate blueberries and pizza and listened to music. We finished the day off with a trip to the zoo! All in all a great day.

Monday we opened presents from G'amma and Aunt Vicki and got an amazing selection of books! We went to our last monthly baby support group, too! And then cupcakes to daycare for everyone to help Zane celebrate.

On a different note, Zane's latest obsession has been construction and building. Michael has been working on fixing our fence and Zane was inspired. He's always been interested in construction trucks, but now he loves to hammer, measure, mark up the fence with chalk, and carry a level around. I found a book with cardboard tool shapes that you can take out and use, and Zane immediately fell in love with the saw. He now has his own mini measuring tape and gets to use a tack hammer under supervision.

Here's to another great year of fun with Zane!