Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stripes Edition

We're muddling along this week with no big news. Zane still has his cold, and although he still has a cough the snot is drying up. We're still waking up twice each night, and I'm still tired. Two nights last week I accumulated 8 hours of sleep, though, so I feel a bit better.

Oh wait! He had his 6 month appointment! His regular doc was out sick, but we saw a nice Physician's Assistant. Zane flirted with her and got a good bill of health. He's 15 pounds and still 26.5", so he's not longer but is thickening up a bit. He got 4 more vaccinations and doesn't need to get any more for another 6 months. I think I'll take him in for flu shots in a couple of weeks though.

Feeding is kind of iffy. He doesn't seem to like anything but straight up bananas. I've managed to get him to eat a little of: peas, sweet potato, papaya, and rice cereal. For a while he wasn't even eating the banana, but last night he ate a lot. I was hoping that meant he would sleep better, but instead he just had a major poop blowout in the middle of the night.

Monday we're going to a baby group class, and I'm going to ask about sleeping and eating strategies.

I'm at work again this weekend, and when I came home Saturday night Zane was looking especially cute while he napped. He ended up having a 2 hour nap! Why don't I get the benefit of 2 hour naps?! Maybe he just loves his mommy so much he doesn't want to sleep. Yeah, (yawn) that's it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cold #3

We have just embarked on cold #3. Bang, bang, bang, three in a row! Poor Bean still has his cough from #2, and now he's snotty again. Ah, daycare, so good for building a robust immune system. We're still not getting sleep, and I am pretty zombie-fied. I went through a red light early last week which scared me. Some day we will sleep again. Some day.

For some reason, Zane has been scared of his Grandpa Milt, even though they see each other just about every week. We've been working on it, and this week I think we made a breakthrough!
The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. I've been getting out to do yard work in little bits, while Zane supervises from his swing.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Six Months Old!

Zane is six months old today! It's very hard to believe so much time has passed. This morning we went to our friends the Matsumoto/Wagner's and had a half-birthday brunch. Zane had his very first meal, a banana and breast milk slurry. It was a great success!

I was amazed that he didn't make a face or spit it out. He clearly didn't get his mom's banana-hating genes. He just sucked it in like he'd been waiting for it. Actually, he's been staring at us when we eat for quite a while now, so he was very ready. Also, we've been having increasingly sleepless nights, and I think that may also be due to a need for solid food. Last night was just the pits, and Zane (the lucky guy) is having a nap now to recover from his sleep deprivation and big exciting meal.He had a little rice cereal after the banana, but I think he was disappointed in that. I'll be making some fruit slurries and vegetable slurries and freezing them into cubes for later meals. I guess I send those along to daycare with his bottles.

Zane has started to babble syllables now: dza-dza-dza, ya-ya-ya and the occasional ba. Right on schedule! We don't have our six month check up until the 24th, so we have to wait a bit to see how he's doing weight-wise. Judging from the photo up top, I think they're still going to say he's too skinny. I think he's fine, though. He's just a wiggly noodle and uses up all of his calories.
This video of Zane is a bit long for nothing really happening, but I enjoy watching his face as he "works":

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back to Work

Zane and I went to a work party the Friday before I went back to work. Zane is a party animal!

Going back to work has been way easier so far than I thought it would be. I feel really confident in the ladies who run the daycare, and Zane seems happy. Except Thursday when I picked him up his flesh was *really* cold, so I dressed him up more warmly on Friday. And then Friday when I picked him up he had scrapes on his knuckles, so it's possible they're running a Baby Fight Club. I know that Zane likes other kids, so it’s good for him. He seems to be drinking his bottles, now, too which is good.

I’m really super tired right now, but I hope that will work itself out. This past weekend Zane had a bad cold and was cranky, and our sleep was not good. Then Tuesday night although he was sleepy and in his PJs when I picked him up at 9:30, he rallied and didn’t go to bed until 10:30. I had a lot of cleaning up to do after work, so I didn’t get in bed until 11:30. Then Zane woke up at 7. Since then I’ve been getting up at 6:30 to shower before he wakes up, and even though I get in bed on time, I’m not getting to sleep due to anxiety. And even though Zane’s sleeping through the night *I’m* not! So I’ve had about 6 hours of sleep a night all week and I’m kind of loopy!

At work I’m a bit harried in finding places and enough time to pump. Plus having enough time to eat. Eventually I’ll get it worked out. Everyone seems willing to help me out by cutting me some slack.

A funny thing -- On the way to dropping Zane off at daycare my first day back at work, I found myself doing a nervous tic where I rub the knuckle of my thumb. I realized I hadn't done it at all since I've been home with Zane, and boom! -- I'm at it again.

Wednesday I bought a stroller at Me ‘n’ Moms for $30! Now on walks Zane can sit looking forward like a big boy. I cleaned it up, and Michael got to use this weekend. I can’t wait to try it out myself.

Michael and Zane have been doing well this weekend! Zane is eating and sleeping fairly well, but unfortunately today had what Michael called a Poopocalypse. It's amazing sometimes how much poop can come out of a sweet little baby.

Here is aforementioned sweet little baby:
Zane has become very interested in Bijou and JoJo lately, mostly because they have such nice soft fur. They will be very sorry when he learns to crawl.
That's all I can think of for now. Moo!