Monday, February 15, 2010

Six Months Old!

Zane is six months old today! It's very hard to believe so much time has passed. This morning we went to our friends the Matsumoto/Wagner's and had a half-birthday brunch. Zane had his very first meal, a banana and breast milk slurry. It was a great success!

I was amazed that he didn't make a face or spit it out. He clearly didn't get his mom's banana-hating genes. He just sucked it in like he'd been waiting for it. Actually, he's been staring at us when we eat for quite a while now, so he was very ready. Also, we've been having increasingly sleepless nights, and I think that may also be due to a need for solid food. Last night was just the pits, and Zane (the lucky guy) is having a nap now to recover from his sleep deprivation and big exciting meal.He had a little rice cereal after the banana, but I think he was disappointed in that. I'll be making some fruit slurries and vegetable slurries and freezing them into cubes for later meals. I guess I send those along to daycare with his bottles.

Zane has started to babble syllables now: dza-dza-dza, ya-ya-ya and the occasional ba. Right on schedule! We don't have our six month check up until the 24th, so we have to wait a bit to see how he's doing weight-wise. Judging from the photo up top, I think they're still going to say he's too skinny. I think he's fine, though. He's just a wiggly noodle and uses up all of his calories.
This video of Zane is a bit long for nothing really happening, but I enjoy watching his face as he "works":


Global Grandma said...

Hi Zane ( and Mom and Dad),

It's nice to know when your birthday comes that all I will need to look for is bags of food that make interesting sounds!

I am sorry to have missed your half birthday but I was in the jungles of Ecuador traveling by canoe on the Cuyabeno river and seeing pink dolfins, monkeys, black window spiders, poisenous frogs and other such things! I can't wait for you to get big enough to go on adventures with me and your two Maine cousins!

Grandma Diann

PS you don't know this, but your Mom did a very brave thing to mash up a banana for your first food. She hates bananas in every form!

Julia Pequlia said...

Holy Adventures, Mom/Grandma! I can't wait for Zane to be old enough to go with you.