Saturday, July 12, 2008

Possibly Vampires

Last night Michael and I finally saw the cinematic masterpiece Night of the Lepus. Giant mutant killer bunnies on the rampage! I got it from Scarecrow Video where you can get anything. Oh my god this movie was great! We watched bits over in slow-mo and laughed our asses off! JoJo watched and got some pointers on world domination. If you can get a hold of this movie, watch the first half for the "special effects" and skip the second half if you want to. The first half has awesome close-ups of blood-drenched tooth-baring giant rabbits. The second half is just many scenes of rabbits running through miniature sets, and then of people killing them.

Michael and I kept wondering how the bunny wranglers got the rabbits to bare their teeth so much. Bitter paint on their teeth? Glue on their gums? I hope it wasn't to bad for the rabbit "actors". Every once in a while you'd see a person in a bunny suit, too, for those scenes which a rabbit actor just couldn't pull off.

I put together a montage of our viewing experience. I hope it inspires you to get the movie some day!


Stephanie said...

It's been added to the netflix queue :)

Petula Darling said...

I liked your clip more than I enjoyed the actual movie. Of course, your clip had the advantage of only being a couple minutes long :-)
I love Jo-Jo's little paw movements - very cute!

Anonymous said...

Take cover! I saw a truely GIANT bunny in a store front in Camden, Maine.....good thing I am leaving town soon and I will take care to lock my doors!