Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Orleans

In 2001, I went to New Orleans with my Cajun/Zydeco band Les Femmes d'Enfer. I thought it was my first time to Louisiana. Recently I've been scanning old family photos, and I found out I was wrong! Photographic evidence shows I was in fact crawling around on the New Orleans pavement in July or August of 1969! I can tell you, during my 2001 visit we started drinking Hurricanes from Pat O'Brien's at about 10am after a red eye flight which I did not sleep on. I was ready to crawl around on the pavement in 2001, too.

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Global Grandma said...

I can't imagine how anyone would allow such a beautiful little girl to crawl areound on the pavement with a trash can nearby to boot!!Well, a little birdie told me you and your Mom, Dad and Brother were actually on your way moving to Maine from Lubbock, T
Texas. You were born in Georgia but would now think of Maine as home "forever."

From one who knowes....