Thursday, April 16, 2009


My brother Brady was out visiting for a week before heading up to Skagway, AK for a summer of guiding cruise ship tourists on hikes and river rafting. I tired him out with trips to music stores, thrift stores, REI, restaurants, the gym, a honky tonk dive, the farmers' market, and string band class. I think I've made a pretty good case for Seattle as a great place to live. It would be nice to have another family member here!

Since Brady was here, I decided we might as well go ahead and have an Easter dinner! We're not a religious family, but Easter was always a time to have a good meal together. I meant to make the super delicious Kahlua ham I've made twice for Christmas, but I got to the liquor store too late to get Kahlua. We had to settle for the regular honey glaze that comes with the ham. And now we will eat ham for the next month. Good protein!

Spring has slowly been warming up Seattle. As long as the sun can break through the clouds, we get a little warmth. When the sun hides, we go back to shivering. Bijou has been following the sunbeams around the house, which JoJo loves since one sunbeam goes right through her zone. JoJo loves the company!

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