Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Well, we've had to say goodbye to Sebastian bun. Michael really worked with the buns to get them to bond. Sometimes they would groom each other and be nice, and then they would fight. We kept hoping there would be a breakthrough. Well, there was -- a breakthrough into JoJo! A really bad fight erupted last Tuesday night which ended with JoJo in the emergency room for stitches. Michael had to sit and wait in the same room where we helped Bijou die.

We really liked Sebastian, but it is now clear they won't bond. Maybe sometime we'll try again with another less dominant rabbit, but meanwhile JoJo just needs to recuperate and join us upstairs again. I've missed her while she's been all penned up downstairs with Sebastian.


Global Grandma said...

ohhh, too bad for JO Jo as I think she realy wanted a friend. Would a baby bunny work (or maybe you have enough babies at the house!!)

Julia Pequlia said...

No more babies! We don't need to do any more potty training than necessary. Plus, there are lots of needy adult buns out there. We're thinking next time of getting a gimpy 3-legged one. Seriously.