Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bean Pole

Mom, is this how we get to Maine? Are you going to mail me? Nope, but we are going to fly out next Sunday! I'm nervous about how it will go but looking forward to the adventure. I may not get a blog post in next week if I'm too busy before we go, and I may not get them in while I'm away, either.

We had another checkup on Thursday, and Zane is now 2'5" and 17lbs 1oz. He only gained 6 ounces over 6 weeks, and he has now dropped to 1% in his weight for length. So the doc says we need to have tests done, but after consulting with a pediatrician, he says no. The pediatrician said that if Zane had a metabolic problem we would have seen more problems by now. His lack of adequate weight gain is just classic for not getting enough calories. Gack! I'm starving my baby! But he won't eat! At least I'm not stunting his growth, since he's a bit taller than average. We have an appointment with a nutritionist on Tuesday, and I'm hoping to get a lot of help. Then at the end of the month we have an appointment with a speech therapist (!) who will watch Zane eat and nurse and thus deliver some sort of wisdom. A co-worker with a wife who is a speech therapist says they do a swallow analysis of some sort.

I've been trying extra hard to get some high calorie foods like avocado in him, and after I did he has had several nights of sleeping really well. It seems that our accelerating sleep problems may well be firmly linked to Zane simply not getting enough calories and being hungry. Today I failed to get much food in him (I tried!), and he also nursed less than usual due to holiday distractions, so we'll see if we have another bad night.

Despite being starved by his mom, Zane continues to thrive and get into all sorts of stuff. Dumpster diving in the recycling bin is his favorite. We no longer put cans in there. Pulling off toilet paper and eating it is also a joy. Zane has started to move his feet a bit while standing (cruising), so he's starting to figure out the whole walking thing. He prefers to hold onto things rather than to let me hold him in walking position. We'll get there someday!

Monday we have another one of the free and fun developmental assessments. Wednesday we take a day trip to visit our friends up at Fiddle Tunes. Saturday is the Ballard Seafood Fest. Sunday we fly out to Maine! Yikes!


Global Grandma said...

Hi Zane,

I am here in Maine waiting for you! Maybe you should ask Dad to feed you as he likes to eat lots of things and since your Mom is a picky eater ( and a bean pole herself) maybe that is being passed on to you! You have some pretty big cousins here in Maine so et and build up strength!

Love and hugs Grandma

Jessica said...

Wow! Zane weighs less than Gabriel!! But he's obviously taller, since Gabriel's barely average for his age. I think that our sleep problems may also be related to caloric consumption, but I also am having trouble getting more food in Gabriel. He loves solids, but at his age I don't want to over-do it. And he won't take bottles as supplements to breastfeeding, so oh well! I just keep telling myself it will get better . . .
Hope you're having a fantastic time in Maine!!