Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stick Walker

Now that rainy and cold weather has begun to come, I had to buy Zane his first real outside shoes. Not too many more days or weeks of walking in bare feet! We like to practice walking outside on the flat sidewalk. Zane loves to carry sticks and a broom, so we've co-opted them to save our backs when helping him walk.

Earlier in the week Zane and I had our first trip together to the zoo. It was near nap time and we couldn't stay too long, but the best thing was the jaguar. What a BIG exciting cat! It was also fun to see other bunnies at the petting zoo. The petting zoo wasn't open at the time we were there; next time I hope we have better luck.

Not much else to report! Enjoy these wonderful pictures from Maine I just received from Ann and Jon. Thanks guys!


Global Grandma said...

WOW, a stick and a broom! I use my expensive hiking poles from LLBeans, should have just got a stick and a broom! Facinating to see his determination to keep going to where HE wants to go, and no shoes on a sidewalk will definitely toughen his feet. Ahhh, and the pictures from Maine, what a fun day that was....

Love and hugs
Grandma Diann

Anonymous said...

Wow! Look at him go!!!! He's not just walking - he's speed walking! Go Zane!

Auntie Laurie

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Zane is practicing for high jumping or running...and he's off to a great start! Maine photos are really cute!