Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sins of the Mother

Ohhh, how attractive TV is! I generally disapprove of TV for kids, and I agree with the recommendation of no/limited screen time for children under two. But it is so wonderful to have your child blissfully and quietly engaged while you try to get something done! Zane loves to watch YouTube videos of fish and garbage trucks, so we've brought them up on our upstairs TV/PC. I'll let Zane watch about 20 minutes of garbage trucks while I clean up the kitchen, and boy does he love it! So do I. I can see how people routinely plop their kids in front of the TV. Zane asks for "TeeTee! Gabboo!" You can see he has his own remote control and comfy chair, just like Mama and Daddy. At least the YouTube videos are not full of rapidly changing scenes and commercials, so I don't think I've totally brain damaged Zane.

We've had a pretty nice weekend. Saturday Zane and I went to the Zoo in the morning. We did some warm indoor exhibits. Highlights were the meerkats jumping, getting to feed the birds in the Australian aviary, poison dart frogs, Komodo dragons, and the kids' Zoomazium play room. I've never been to the zoo on a weekend, and the Zoomazium was, well, a zoo. When we got home we looked at our new reptiles and amphibian book and remembered the turtles and frogs we saw. I pointed out the Komodo dragon, and Zane said "Moto!" Today, Sunday, we took the bus for a very short ride to the Ballard farmers' market. Zane loves to see the bus, so it was fun to go on the bus instead of walking. This way we got to spend more time at the market. We ate mini donuts and honey, bought honey and a CD, and watched some great music. Zane even shuffled his feet a bit while we watched a lady buck dancing. Now he's tired out and napping!

I belatedly stuck together some Christmas videos. Enjoy!


Global Grandma said...

Oh Zane, I think I need to rescue you! They are allowing you to watch TV? Even your 9yr old and 5 yr old Maine cousins don't get to do that!! Well, at least you have your own comfy chair, and I only just saw in the Christmas video that it has your name on it, way cool! The piano is great and so is Daddi's Kindle; I want one of those too!

Love and hugs
Grandma Diann

Julia Pequlia said...

They do TOO watch TV! At least, the same kind Zane does: commercial free videos.