Sunday, April 17, 2011


This morning Zane had a snack and an episode of Mighty Machines while I had my shower. He's been on a grapes kick ("gapes"), and here he is enjoying them while holding a bear and sitting in his own chair. Especially cute, I thought!

Not much to report this week, which is really nice! No falls, no colds, no teething pain (although he is still popping his fangs out). The cut is healing really nicely. Oh, there is one thing! He has finally learned to say "yes". I think he's known "no" for about 6 months, so it's about time.

Today we went out to breakfast and to the Ballard Farmers' Market. I think the last time we went may have been a month ago. Zane remembered the honey stand and went right in for a sample. Then, when we were watching some musicians, he demanded "Mama, wallet." I gave him a dollar and he trotted over and gave them a donation. I was pretty impressed that he remembered we had done that before!

Michael has saved an episode of Saturday Night Live where Katy Perry sings. For some reason Zane is absolutely mesmerized by it. It's kind of funny to watch him.


Anonymous said...

He's so taken with Katy Perry that he's drooling! Cute! I need a Zane fix!


Global Grandma said...

Hi Zane,

I'm glad you like "gapes" they are yummy. Make sure Mom washes them well as they have more pesticides than any other fruit!