Monday, June 6, 2011

The Joy of Trucks

Well, this week has been a lot like last week, although maybe a little better. Zane is still having difficulty going to sleep, and he wakes up about 10 times a night, often with a little shriek. I'm still quite tired.

He remains pretty temperamental, but we're making progress. Today I only needed to say I was about to count to three for him to start moving along, and I didn't have to actually count! Yesterday he actually gave himself a timeout three times -- after doing something that elicited a loud noise from me, he ran into the bedroom and sat down quietly. When I went in to get him he had calmed down and was nice again. I think he's recognizing his anger. I've been trying to teach him the words angry and mad so that he can help to understand and talk about what he's feeling. If he throws something in anger it goes away for a while, and I'm pretty sure he's stopped himself a few times.

The weather has been awful in Seattle this spring, and we finally had temps in the 70s Friday and all weekend. So of course it was my weekend to work! I was really heartbroken about that. Saturday Zane and Michael went to the aquarium in the morning and spent some time in the backyard in the afternoon. After work I got Zane and we went to a cookout at Sabina's house. He had a lot of fun playing in their yard with a swing set and slide, cool lava gravel, and an excellent dirt pile. He loved the enormous bubbles Maya and Alina blew. He was too busy to eat much, but we had fun.

Sunday I didn't have to go to work until 1pm, so in the morning Zane and I had time for an adventure. We went to Touch-A-Truck! It was awesome. A local group set it up as a free event with donations recommended. All sorts of fabulous trucks were shined up and ready for touching: garbage truck, dump truck, two tanker trucks, two enormous cranes, a small bobcat digger and a small bobcat bulldozer, a semi truck cab, an ambulance, and an ice cream truck. When we made a donation Zane got a yellow toy hard hat to wear. His favorite was the garbage truck, even though he sees several of those on our street every Tuesday. He said he wanted to drive the crane and to have one. I told him our driveway wasn't quite big enough.

There were tons of kids there, and the lines to get into the trucks were too long for a toddler to manage. When we got back to my car I let Zane play in the front seat and beep my horn for a while, so he could get his driving urges out.

I had to go to work again today in the afternoon, but the morning was free with no plans! Zane had a nice unstructured morning in our front yard and back yard, watching people mow their lawns, sweeping, poking things with sticks, looking at a ladybug, collecting rocks, and swinging.

And playing with trucks. Always playing with trucks!

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