Monday, April 23, 2007

Bewick's Wrens in Da House!

A couple of years ago I put up two birdhouses: one with a see-through back suction cupped to a bedroom window and a chickadee house nestled under my red trumpet vine. Nobody moved in, and I was sad. I have to admit, I don't actually think any sane bird would raise their children in a nest box with a see-through back that looked into my bedroom.

Now I have birds in my chickadee house! This spring there was a typical Ballard/Seattle housing bidding war between a pair of chickadees and a pair of Bewick's wrens. The wrens won! I'm very excited because much as I love-love-love chickadees, I hardly ever see the sprightly Bewick's wren. Bewick's wrens are very cute and jerk their tails around a lot. I think they might even be swearing.

I've been sitting in my backyard with beer and a magazine for hours on several days, trying to get a picture of them. It is very grueling work sitting in the spring sunshine with a beer, a cat, a bunny, and Archaeology magazine, let me tell you. But I perservered and finally got some shots! I'll let you all know when I have baby bird news.

The photo at the top of the page is not mine, but these are. In the last one, the wren has a mouthful of stuff and is leaning down to fly into the house.

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