Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rabbit Proof Fence

I am very proud of this week's construction project. Our back fence had been slowly collapsing, and we had three small exits to the yard blocked with plastic kiddie gates to keep JoJo from escaping. The plastic was pretty ugly. I spent Monday evening and all of today shoring up the fence and replacing a cross-piece timber, constructing two wood and wire mini-fences, and one complete swinging double gate. The gate and the mini fences had to be tall enough to keep JoJo in, but short enough to allow our aging Squeaky (aka Bijou) to jump over them. I'm pretty impressed with myself! The gate actually works, and I never had to do any part of it over! I've never made a gate before, so I'm quite pleased.

After I finished the project and cleaned up, I watered the lawn to hose down all the treated wood sawdust so it wouldn't be on grass that JoJo eats. She took a trip outside and was somewhat confused by the rain on a sunny afternoon.

I'm really pleased with the new Blogger video uploader! The videos are much clearer than ones uploaded to YouTube.

On a completely different note ... Bijou has this peculiar habit of always leaving a few bits of kibble in her dish. Unless she is really hungry, there will always be at least a couple of pieces left. We figure she must believe they are necessary for more food to appear. We call them Seed Crunchies. I noticed a stellar example today when I had the camera out.


Stephanie said...

Great gate making job! John once tried to make a gate for our patio at the apartment. I fondly called it the "un-gate" because...he forgot to hinge it and it was a wall instead of a gate!!

Milo usually leaves a few pieces of kibble in his bowl too. Those silly cats :o)

Petula Darling said...

Funny, my rabbits never leave any food nuggets in their bowls. They do tend to leave a couple poops in there, though. Do you think they're trying to fool mother nature?
Cute video. The indignant get-this-stuff-off-of-me paw shakes crack me up.

Beverly said...
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Beverly said...

Hi Julia, I am a public librarian in upstate New York. Both of my sons live in Seattle. I came upon your post when doing a google search on rabbit-proof fencing. I was looking for one to keep the rabbits out of my garden (I am on my third set of broccoli and brussel sprount plants!). Your fence is beautiful!