Monday, January 7, 2008


There was much rejoicing in Maine while we were there. Of course, I like to think it was because we were there, but probably not. Not entirely, anyway!

December 31st was my nephew Ian's 6th birthday! Wow! I feel like he's no longer a little boy, he's a regular kid. A regular spazz! Ian could eclipse Maine Yankee in energy output.

We also did some Christmas presents all around since Michael and I had come in to town. Here my other Maine nephew, Julian, helps Michael with one of his presents.

After we did Christmas and celebrated Ian's birthday, Michael and I, my Mom, and my Dad headed to Belfast for a New Year's Eve dance played by the Hep Cats. I got all dressed up, fully knowing that only a few other people might be dressed up; I even wore my new petticoat. I must be city-fied, because I was really surprised to find that no one else dressed up. There had been a lot of snow recently, and every one else was in jeans, warm shirts, and practical muddy boots. I wore boots, too, I'm not crazy, but I did change into dance shoes. The floor was slick with mud. I'm used to dance floors being wet, but it's always beer, which is nice and sticky. The mud on linoleum was pretty slick. I had a great time anyway, and many people told me they really liked my dress and the fact that I dressed up. We all had a great time dancing; here I am with my Daddy!

New Year's Day Michael and I saw my long-time friend Ann and her husband Jon. We had a great lunch at Cappy's Chowder House, and then we had to go our separate ways. Too short a visit! Someday I hope we can have a long one.

Then my Aunt and some cousins from my Mom's side of the family came over for a New Year's Day get together. It's always great to see you all! Not many people made it this year as have in past years, partly due to another snow storm which was already dumping snow.

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Petula Darling said...

I love the petticoat - you look great!
I think it's more fun to get dressed up here than in the city. It's such a novelty that you get tons of attention.
Sorry I missed you - believe it or not, I'm still feeling the aftereffects of that #%*@! cold!