Monday, January 7, 2008

Miscellaneous Maine

Here are some miscellaneous things from our visit to Maine.

Michael tried to eat my nephew Julian. Luckily Julian was wearing his new National Geographic watch and binoculars, and he was saved.Ian beat his Dad, Aaron, at Monopoly with the help of a team of advisers.No vacation is complete with out substitute pets while we are away from our Bijou and JoJo. In Harpswell we had spazzy Scout, and in Camden bloated Manuel and Polly (not shown).
We stopped by The Maine Dog in Camden to visit the Flemish Giant rabbit who lives in the store window. This is a Big Bunny. He's about 3 times as big as JoJo.

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Petula Darling said...

I like going to look at that rabbit, but I always feel rather sorry for him. His pen is way too small and slippery for such a ginormous bunny, plus I can't help but think he must be rather lonely. Would it be wrong to scoop him up and whisk him away to live in a large run-down Victorian where he can hang out with Lilliputians?