Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ecuador Wrap Up

So there you are! All my Ecuador stories are told. I flew home on Easter Sunday. The trip started off with a beautiful view of Quito's Pichincha volcano out the window of my plane. I got to see it for the full three hours I sat in the plane on the runway! Yay! I eventually got home, which was a wonderful place to be.

I only brought home a few souvenirs: An alapca wool sweater, a nice white blouse embroidered with flowers, a blue hammock for the back yard, a small painting, and a little stuffed alpaca toy for Michael.

You can read all of my Ecuador posts on one page here or by clicking on an Ecuador tag at the bottom of a post.

I have finished loading Ecuador photos to my Flickr account, and you can view the full set here.

A few videos are loaded on my YouTube account.

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