Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Photo Roundup

I've just emptied my camera, and decided to share some photos with you.

JoJo lounges.

JoJo looks imperious.

Bijou and JoJo glare at each other across the no-man's-land of the carpet in Fringe Wars. They both love to nap on the fringe of the rug, and they've each staked out an end. No one ever sleeps on the other's fringe.

JoJo inspects her new Vacation Villa. It has turned out to be not much of a hit.

Finally, my Indian Rope plant has continued blooming now that I've brought inside. The waxy pink flowers are lovely and smell like chocolate. Mmmm!

1 comment:

surly said...

LOVE jojo looking imperious. hee. and no one at our house cares about rug fringe, which is disappointing.