Saturday, November 8, 2008

Two Cool Things

Cool Thing 1:
OBAMA IS PRESIDENT! I can't get over it! On election night I literally jumped for joy many, many times. I got shivers and my eyes got a little wet. They still do! I just finished reading the entire special edition of the latest Newsweek which reads like a mini-book on all the behind the scenes action from Clinton's, Obama's, and McCain's campaigns. I feel SO proud of my country. There is a little store in Ballard that sells flags, and after the election they had a run on US flags. When asked why, customers said they finally feel proud of their country again. Yeah.

Cool Thing 2:
Google Maps StreetView has come to Seattle! Now you can actually look at our house as if you were standing in the street, not just the satellite view we had before (and still have). The drive-by photos of our house look like they were taken last fall. Michael's car is in the drive, but mine is gone. Have a look at our house by searching for our address! Click on the Street View button, and then click in the blue outlined block we live on. Make sure the little yellow person icon is standing in front of our house (you can drag him). It can be a little confusing to orient to our house if you don't know our neighborhood. The brown Volvo is across the street from us, and our neighbors next door to the right are outside their house doing yard work.
If you know other people in Seattle, look for them, too! One of my friends' houses has their cat sitting in a front window, which is cute.

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