Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Science Project

So, yeah, I haven't posted in a long time. I've even had stuff to post about, like how we went to Hawaii at the end of January, but no, I didn't post. I've been a little pre-occupied with what I wanted to post about but couldn't.

Our little Science Project. Michael and I are expecting a baby boy in mid August! Yay, I can finally say it! One reason we waited so long to share the news is that I had a couple of early miscarriages, and then because of my age (41 on 3/28), we wanted to wait until after we had good results from the amnio. The results are in and they're good! No extra or broken chromosomes, and it's a boy!

Aside from the setbacks, I've really enjoyed the Science Project aspect of this. So much cool technology! Charting ovulation temps was kind of fun. Seeing ultrasounds is very cool. Getting pictures of our son's chromosomes is awesome!

I'll try to post pictures and updates more regularly now, but meanwhile, here's a photo roundup. The Bean at 8 weeks. The midwife thought this was so cool, but I was like "Huh? Where is it?" Thus, the helpful arrow I've drawn to the little white splotch. This picture is why I've been calling him The Bean.

The Bean at 11 weeks. Vaguely humanoid, which was very startling! He moved a lot, and we could see his little heart beating.

The Bean at 16 weeks. Definitely a person! The arms aren't visible here, but you can see a face, the spine, a hip bone and a femur. We were amazed at how developed the bones were. Seeing the complex ribcage and spine was especially cool.

My little belly at 17 weeks. Not much to it, but it's bigger even now, just 2 weeks later.

And the coolest of all, the chromosomes!

I'm afraid this blog may now become uninteresting to non parents, but I hope to keep up with more non-baby blogging, too. I need to tell you about Hawaii!

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Patti said...

Awesome post Julia! Congrats!