Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Bean's Room

The Bean's room is coming along! I finally feel it will be possible to physically fit him into our house.

Today I moved my coats and dress-up clothes into another closet and removed the sliding doors on the closet. Removing the doors turned out to be very easy, which I am thankful for. The cleaned out closet space is for his crib, and possibly the bureau, too, if it fits. If I can move the bureau into the closet, we'll have room for a changing table where the bureau is now. Changing tables aren't totally necessary, but they can sure save your back.

To the right of the Bean's closet is comfy chair for nursing. The rest of the room is still mine and filled with bookshelves and my desk and computer. The Bean will just have to share.

1 comment:

Dad! said...

Hi Jul! Lookin' good. Seems like a major renovation. Is that the room I stay in downstairs??

Nice to see the good news on the progress, the kicks and strong heartbeats.

Will call you soon.

-- Love, Dad