Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Science Project, Week 26

Six and half months done, three and a half to go! Lots of progress this time. Many people have commented that I finally look pregnant. I got really hungry a couple of weeks ago, so I think the little Bean went through a growth spurt.

I haven't been in to see the midwives for 6 weeks, and Monday I had an appointment. My weight and size are good, and we listened to a very strong heartbeat. Next week I’ll have a few lab tests for Gestational Diabetes, anemia, and RH factor antibodies (because of my blood type). He’s been very wiggly lately. I’m supposed to pay attention now and make sure I feel him every day. I have an appointment in a month, and then every three weeks, and then in the last month once per week.

Tonight Michael and I start a 7 week series of parenting classes. It'll cover labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and newborn care. We're taking the class a little earlier than recommended, but I'll be at Fiddle Tunes in July, and I'd miss a class, so we need to finish the series before then. As an info hog, I'm really looking forward to the classes.

On a recommendation from my friend Jenny, I've been reading Ina May's guide to childbirth. It has really given me the courage to believe I can try to go through this without any pain intervention. We'll see!

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Global Grandma said...

What a fatty! It looks like you have a gold knob for a belly button inthe photo!

LOve Mom