Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy 3rd Bunniversary!

Today marks three years since we found our bun in Woodland Park! Happy Bunniversary JoJo! I made you a special snack of clover flowers and one whole strawberry!Wow, is that for me?

I love clover!

Mmmmm, a whole entire strawberry! This is worth it, even if I fudge my bed later.

Do I have any strawberry on my lips?


This year JoJo gained some weight, went on a reduced-treat diet and regained some of her figure, got her proper digestion under better control, learned to dance for her bananas, discovered the joys of snoozing in front of a heater, and switched from sleeping in a ditch made out of a blanket to sleeping next to a rolled up "buddy" blanket that she licks and licks. She loves her buddy. She decided that she loves TV, and when we start watching a show in the evening she throws herself into a flop next to her buddy and stretches her bun sticks out (back legs). In nice weather she continues to dig in her gravel pit hole, which mysteriously gets filled in occasionally. That helps her keep her girlish figure.

May we have many more bunniversaries to come!

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