Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Science Project, Week 35

Here we are at week 35! Only 5 weeks to go until my official due date on August 12th. Most first time moms are late, but so far I know of several people who were early, so you never know! I'd like to be about one week early. That would be most convenient. Don't I get to choose? I now know of 5 people (3 in the last month) who have given birth at Group Health Capitol Hill where we'll be going, and all of them have raved about how wonderful it is. That's really reassuring to hear.

Two days ago I had a check up, and everything is right on track. After my next check up in 2 weeks I'll be going weekly. Many people still comment about how I don't look big enough to be 5 weeks away from delivery, but I guess I'm just lucky! I'm 30 pounds heavier than I was when the Science Project started. That's why I get so out of breath just climbing stairs!

I've been feeling pretty stretched lately. The Bean has run out of room and is now really testing the limits of his environment, aka Me. The gentle aquatic blorping movements have turned into somewhat violent pokes and jabs. He's settled with his head down, and tends to like to have his back and butt along my left side. An arm or leg feels permanently lodged in my right side. Sometimes he pokes his hard little butt straight out towards the world right above my belly button. Sometimes he kicks me in the side and makes me jump. Some people like to do daily fetal movement counts to make sure their baby is OK, but I tell ya, I don't need to count. He's definitely frisky. One of my favorite T-shirts has become a pretty good portrait of him.

My friends Sandy and Laurie organized a baby shower for us in early June, and in addition to getting some good swag, we had a really nice visit with some friends I haven't seen for a while. One of my favorite gifts was a bunny that is the softest stuffed animal I've ever felt. Maybe I will keep him and not give him to The Bean.

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