Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fiddle Tunes 2009

At the beginning of July I went on vacation for my last hurrah before parenthood. I went to the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes in Port Townsend for my third year. This year wasn't as rip-roaring fun for me -- I just didn't have the energy to participate as fully, the baby ate my brain so I didn't do so well in the banjo workshops, I couldn't drink, and I made myself get in bed by midnight. But still I was glad I was there. It is really blissful to hang out in a luxury camp with friends I see once a year, in a beautiful place in beautiful weather.

Highlights for me this year were singing in the World Chorus and our annual Funny Hat cocktail party where I ended up as a fertility goddess.

I've posted photos to my Flickr account, and Laurie has loaded some there, too. Many videos of our cocktail party and performances are on my YouTube account. Here are some highlights for me -- enjoy!

The Funny Hat Cocktail Party:

The World Chorus I sang in singing a Puerto Rican tune, Capullito de Alhelí. I'm in the back on the left:

The World Chorus again singing a Corsican tune, Se Tu Sapessi Lu Male. It's a bit rough, but keep in mind we learned this in about 2 hours and it's not in English. The second verse is pretty good:

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