Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Shit. It's hot. Seattle is in the midst of a loooong heat wave. We don't usually get those, and I'm not usually pregnant, so it's a little extra sticky this year. We're supposed to get up to 101 today and cool off to 95 by Sunday.

I think the worst hit in our family is JoJo, though. Bijou, Michael, and I can all sweat, but Bun can't. Michael and I can slosh around in cool water, but Bun doesn't like that, although Michael does wet her head throughout the day. Bijou is smart enough to move to the lower part of the house where it's cool, or go sit in the shade, but Bun is not so clever. We pile ice packs around her, but she won't actually snuggle up to them. Poor Bun.

I'm not sure if it's the heat, but my Night Blooming Cereus has bloomed early this year. I got one bloom a couple of weeks ago, two more last week, and then another this week. I see another bud getting ready. I thought they were supposed to all bloom at once! Oh well, the heat is making everyone cranky.

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