Sunday, December 20, 2009


How to drive your parents crazy:
1) Learn to scream a high pitched squeal.
2) Practice often.
3) Then quit napping.

In the photo above Zane is allegedly tired for a nap. For the past three days he has slept only about an hour and a half total during each day. We're not sure what is going on. The upside is that he exhausts himself and sleeps really well at night. The downside is that he gets mighty cranky. He's probably got a sore mouth from teething.

Today Zane was very talkative, and I conducted an interview which was interrupted by some gastric yuckiness:

Grandma is here! Yay! Saturday we walked out to the produce stand and picked out a little tree. Next week you get Christmas pictures. May you all survive the next week and have lovely holidays!

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