Saturday, December 5, 2009

Zane Says Ha!

This week Zane began to laugh a little! Not much, just a couple of wheezy ha-has, but it's a start! I even heard him laugh in his sleep last night, which was cute. So far, though, he mostly smiles. He has a lot of fun playing games like Blanket Burrito and Airplane:

One great development this week has been less pooping! Last night and the night before, he didn't poop at all for the first time. Today he only pooped twice. This may not be exciting for you, but it's exciting for me! His digestion change seems to have made him super hungry, though. Today he wanted to eat every hour. All of this eating is making him grow! He is pretty much double his birth weight now.
An unfortunate new development is that Zane is now a Mama's boy. He has decided to freak out and cry when I have a shower, even if he's just eaten! Tomorrow I go to work (helps with health insurance to work a little) and will be gone for 4 hours. Poor Michael and Zane! I hope they survive.

When Zane was born, he had a spot between his eyes that I thought was a zit, but almost 4 months later it's still there! I guess he has a third eye. Maybe he's a buddha or a lama! It's hard to see in the photo, but it's there...

Finally, poor Bijou. We have not been able to get her diabetes in check, and after many many vet visits (several all day), and lots of needles, she had an ultrasound. She had to have her belly shaved, and now her saggy belly looks like elephant breasts!
It turns out she also has a kidney infection and pancreatitis, so we're trying to get that under control, and then we hope the diabetes will bend to our will. It's hard being old!

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