Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Rash of Teeth

We've had a cold week -- I thought Zane looked pretty cute in his toasty sweater, flannel lined jeans, and wool socks.

Zane continued to have a rough time earlier this week. After having a fever all last weekend, he acquired an itchy rash all over AND started erupting four teeth! Two of them are his upper first molars and so are very big and painful. The other two are his second lower incisors. In a week or two he should have a new smile! The rash went away in a couple of days, and by Thanksgiving he was happy again. Just teething is OK after all the other stuff!

This week brought real stick-on-the-ground now. We tested out Zane's snowsuit and boots. It was a bit of overkill for our snow, but I wanted to know if they fit well before we go to Maine. Good thing I did, because his snow suit is really too small. I thought Zane would have fun in the snow, but he was so miserable health-wise that he did not like it at all. Maybe next time.

Because of all the snow I put out trays of seeds for the poor little birdies. I put one on the back porch which is right next to a big window where Zane sits and has his meals. We have had lots of squirrel and bird visitors, and as a result, a frequent cat visitor. Zane has been really, really excited about this! After he got over being sick, he's been eating more because he stays in his chair to watch the animals.

Zane has had some nice developments this week. He is now giving very nice kisses; not slimy open mouthed ones, but sweet little smacks. I've even heard him say "kiss." He can now ask for help ("hup") when he needs it; it's fun to have him ask for what he needs. His word for book is now "cook," and once in the middle of the night when he couldn't sleep he asked me for a "cook", which I thought was pretty funny. This apple did not fall far from his trees!

Twice this week Zane has "hupped" me do a bit of cooking. For Thanksgiving I mixed up a bean casserole, and on Friday I made banana bread. You heard right. I squished up bananas. The things I will do for love. Michael says it is very good, and Zane has eaten some, too. For the cooking I let Zane tip in some ingredients, and I had him standing on a step stool next to me. I think climbing up and down the little ladder was more fun for him than cooking.

Michael bought Zane his own little laptop-esque toy, and right now Zane can use the music feature. Too bad the music bits are so short, 'cause he was starting to get a little cha-cha going:

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Global Grandma said...

Hola Zane,

Books in the middle of the night, music, keyboards and dancing? You definitely didn't fall far from the tree, in fact I would say you are squarely on it!!

Thanks to Mom for getting you a new snowsuit for Maine, that red one looked like wedgy-ville!

Can't wait to see you in a month!

Love and hugs
Grandma Diann