Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fishy Kissy Tissue Boy

Last week I mentioned that Zane has perfected his kiss. This week he's been kissing everything. I saw him pull out his finger puppets and kiss each one. He kisses us in the morning and after he bites us to make amends. He kisses us instead of biting, which is better. His daycare mom Marie said he was sitting at a table with the only younger baby, Allen, and Zane leaned over and gave him a kiss. What a sweet boy!

I brought a book home from the library called There are cats in this book, and Zane's favorite part is the two page spread filled with fish. I was pointing out all the fish and saying "Fish fish fish fish," and so he learned the word ("sish")and the concept of fish-ness. He can now pick out pictures of fish in books and other places. Monday I took him to Swanson's Nursery to see their holiday camel, donkey, and reindeer, but Zane got most excited about the koi pond that is always there. Those are some big sish! We've been back to see them two more times.

After the previous weeks' sicknesses, Zane has become an expert nose wiper. Left to himself he will pull out tissue after tissue, or many many Boogie Wipes, and delicately wipe his nose once before tossing the tissue and going for another.

After finally getting over his sicknesses, Zane has been a champion eater and napper this week. At the same time, all sort of his clothes have become suddenly too short. He can now just barely reach the doorknobs, although luckily he can't do anything with them yet. I'm pretty sure he's gone through a growth spurt! Monday morning we have an appointment to see a pediatrician about Zane's slow weight gain, and I'm very interested to see how big he is now, just 3 weeks after his last visit. Maybe we'll get a nice big number and be sent on our way!

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Global Grandma said...

Hola Zane,

One fish two fish, red fish blue fish..... you are decended from a long line of fisher people so you must have the fishy gene! Uncle Aaron and your cousins Ian and Julian will be very happy to take you fishing, they love it all times of year!!

Glad you are feelling better and getting more teeth so you can eat more interesting foods.

I can't wait to see you in a little more than two weeks; I want some of those kisses!

Love and hugs
Grandma Diann