Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sick and Stunned

Poor Zane has been really sick this week. The cough and mild fever of the preceding weeks came back with a vengeance on Monday. We skipped swimming on Tuesday, dance class on Wednesday, and Zane stayed home from daycare on Thursday and Friday. His cough was awful, a fever would come and go up to 104, his chest was congested, nose was running, he had diarrhea, and he was just generally miserable. He hardly ate or drank. Other times that he's been sick he's been tired or snotty but generally cheerful, but this time you could tell he felt awful. Nights he spent coughing, whimpering in his sleep, and having nightmares. Days he was tired and wheezy. One night he threw up a bunch of mucous which had been dripping down from his sinuses. After that, he just sat in my lap with his arms around my neck sobbing "Mama." I took him in to the doctor to make sure he didn't have anything too bad, but he just needed rest. We watched a lot of videos on buses, garbage trucks, dump trucks, and fish. A neighbor lent us a 30 minute road construction video which has been a favorite.

Today, Sunday, he seems to be finally on the upswing. He had enough energy that this morning we drove out to a park to walk in the trees. Zane has been very keen on saying "don't" lately, and every time a person approached us on the trail he held his arm out in a stop signal, and said "Don't!". I explained to him that it was OK, the trails were for everyone. Luckily, everyone thought he was being cute and waving, so they all waved and said hi. We also saw a dog take a really long pee on the trail right next to us, and that made Zane laugh and laugh. The outing was good for both of us as we were a bit stir crazy. When we got home Zane crashed for a three hour nap, and the photo above is of him still trying to come out of his stupor.

Here is evidence of Zane's TV stupor this week:

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