Sunday, February 27, 2011

Boys Who Wear Glasses

Zane has been enjoying wearing my glasses lately. He doesn't seem to be bothered by looking through the lenses, which I think is odd. He has fine eyesight, though, as we know he can see little things from far away.

Last Sunday night Zane got feverish and had a cough again. I think now it was just a little relapse of his old sickness, as it's now all gone. We've been having some weird behavior this week, so I think he's having some neural rewiring and maybe a growth spurt. Zane is generally really good about going to sleep (and lately staying asleep), but this week he had two days of great difficulty in going to sleep. He was also extra clingy and toddlery, and has had several sudden shrieking crying fits over what seems like nothing. One day I had to hold him down and wrestle him into a diaper and clean clothes so we could get to daycare and work (late). I am not liking this. I hope it is a pretty short phase. Luckily he's his normal cheerful self in between.

The weather in Seattle has been cold and snowy, and we didn't get out and do much. Today, though, Zane and I went to a family contradance where we just watched the musicians, and Zane had fun exploring. Also, his favorite dump truck was breaking down, so Daddy went out and got two new ones, which had Zane squealing and clapping and being very impatient for them to be washed so he could use them.

Ahh, the small pleasures of life. Such as soap.

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Global Grandma said...

Glasses AND HAIR!! You actually look like you have some now that could be washed with that fun bar of soap!

Hugs and kisses
Grandma Diann