Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Word Scoop

We've had another kind of unpleasant week in the grip of cold and flu season. This time I got to share the cold with Zane, and he and I stayed home from work for two days, and still felt pretty crappy after that. Oh well, that's just the way it is.

It's still pretty cold most of the time, so I dug out some old orzo and let Zane play with it on the kitchen floor. It makes a mess, but isn't quite as bad as our water pouring experiments of earlier in the week.

Zane has really been exploding with words lately. I can't keep up with them anymore. He's constantly parroting us and adding more and more to his vocabulary. Some words are a little difficult, though; chocolate shake comes out more like "jock itch shake". It's amazing to see his brain developing so fast it is almost visible.

Nasty colds aside, we did have some fun this week. Tuesday we went to story time which we haven't been to in months. Saturday we went to a reptile show and Zane got to touch a tortoise, a snake, and an alligator. That afternoon was sort of sunny and warm, so we took our first walk in a long time; we had a lot of fun picking up pebbles and poking them into storm drains and other holes. Sunday we took another trip to the aquarium.

Daddy surprised Zane with a new garbage truck. Zane was super excited about it.

That's all for now!


Sandy said...

I was impatiently waiting for Daddy to disentangle the garbage truck from its wrappings! Looked like Zane was very excited about his new truck!
Very cute!

Global Grandma said...

Wow Zane, a new GABBOO!!! Here is an idea to tell Mom about. Find a big box and cut it down to about 10 inches high, or any large plastic shallow tub. Fill it with kitty litter (safe to do now that you don't have a kitty who would use it!) and have an indoor sand box that is easy to keep clean and way fun to play in! It could also be taken out on the deck on a nice day.

Love and hugs
Grandma Diann