Sunday, March 20, 2011

One, Two, Three

Wednesday morning Zane woke up limp and sad. He had a mild fever and was somehow feeling lousy. He spent quite a bit of time in our recliner quietly watching TV, reading, and drinking juice. I put his sunglasses on him to cheer him up, but it didn't really work. I held him for a one hour nursing nap in the late morning, and when he woke up he seemed to be better. He ate a banana, his first food for the day, and by noon was back to his old self. In fact, for the rest of the afternoon he seemed to have more energy than ever! Who knows what that was. I'm glad it was short!

In general he's been doing really well with eating and sleeping and seems to be growing.

We have an evening game Michael calls Bean Toss, where Zane gets thrown onto pillows on the bed. We usually count 1-2-3 and toss. One night he said "pillows" and started piling them up himself and said "onetwothree!" I was pretty impressed. Then he said "Onetwo ... three!" and threw himself face down on the pillows. Funny kid! I figure if he knows those words I'll try to give him more examples of what one and two and three are.

We discovered he learned to say "sorry," which was a surprise. I'm glad he learns manners at daycare!

We're starting to have nice weather here off and on, which is a relief. Spring is a little messy which turns out to be a little difficult for Zane. He likes things to be in their proper places. Several times when Michael was combing JoJo (who is going through a major shed), Zane said "Uh oh!" and industriously gathered up her hair and stuck it back on her head. On a walk he was interested in the cherry blossoms on the ground, and when I showed him where they came from he wanted to put them back on the trees. If only he was as neat with his toys at home! He loves to drag his booster chair into the kitchen to take things out of the silverware drawer, and he hardly ever tries to put the stuff back.

We just had a really fabulous weekend. Saturday was sunny and warm. Zane and I puttered around outside in the morning with his bicycle and some neighbors. Then after his morning snack I got out my bike, and he seemed to remember it! He was excited and wanted to get into the seat. He really enjoyed helping me put air in the tires. We went down into town and I renewed my gym membership -- I'm really looking forward to making and stretching some muscles again! Then we played in a park for awhile, biked home, had a nice lunch and then naptime. In the afternoon all three of us went to the locks and watched boats come and go, geese fly and waddle, water pour over the damn, and lots of people, dogs, and kids. There were no fish in the ladder, and Zane said no fish like "No? Fish!" several times.

Sunday was supposed to be even better, but it turned out to be windy and cold. We went out for lunch and Zane ate an enormous amount of food. Then we went to the farmers' market and saw a couple of great bands. One was a small oompah-jazz brass band which Zane really loved. I had gotten a sand box all ready for Zane thinking Sunday would be warm, but unfortunately it was just too cold. I didn't show it to him, so he'll be surprised and excited when we have our next good day. I can't wait!

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Global Grandma said...

Sticking hair back on JoJo's Head? Hmmmm.... that aren't any anal people in the family who like everything in order are there, like people who like their spices in alphabetical order? Poor baby, he has no choice !

Julia, do you have the Texas photos, and if so you can find the one with your first sand box in the back yard. It had a little tent top and you were always wearing your pink floppy hat. You would have played in it between 5 and 16 months old.