Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Sense of Self

This week Zane has really showed us that he has a sense of self. Twice when I've asked him if he wants to do something himself he has said "self." He will also now point to himself if we ask him where Zane is, or who is that baby in the picture. He's been saying Zane now for awhile, but we weren't really sure he understood that was himself. Along with this sense of self have come tantrums; I read that this is a common connection. He knows what he wants and how he wants things to be and recognizes that he does or does not have a choice in how things happen. This can lead to emotional meltdowns over the silliest things (or at least they seem minor to us).

He's also been starting to want to do things for himself, like trying to put on clothes, zip a zipper, or brush his teeth. I think sometimes the wanting to do something and not quite being able to yet has led to some of the meltdowns. Otherwise, it's fun to help him learn to pull up his pants, carry things, use tongs, zip zippers and snap snaps. He loves to do what we do, so lately I've been having him "help" me cook a bit. Here he practices his skills.

It seems that he is starting to recognize colors, too. On one walk he said "Daddy" for all of the black or blue cars we passed, and "Mama" for the red cars.

Lots of drooling, fingers in the mouth, and a little bit of biting seem to be telling us that more teeth are on the way. The fangs are next! With this round of teeth Zane has been able to tell me a few times that his mouth hurts, rather than having it be a total guessing game.

I've worked a lot this week, and on Saturday Zane got to go to the Aquarium with Daddy. This time they saw several animals being fed, which was new and fun. And a train went by again when they were coming from the car! Thanks Pa Jim for the family membership -- it's really been wonderful!


Global Grandma said...

I want to see himSELF my self!! Part of this, with the Mom in particular, is that he can now know you are not him?

Global Grandma said...

Handsome boy! Just noticed that he has one of his Ecuadorean shirts on!