Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun In the Sun

Tomorrow is my birthday, so I get this week's front page photo. Mom asked if I had a photo of myself in the sandbox from Texas, and here it is! This is from May 1969, so I would have been 14 months old and Aaron almost 3. I had a wonderful time celebrating my birthday today with Michael and Zane!

We had a pretty fun week! The weather has been quite nice a few times, and twice Zane got extended sand box time. He loooooves the sand. He likes to talk about it afterward, mime the pouring motion, and say "Sssssss" like the sound sand makes when it pours. He didn't get the idea to get in the box, but he has been having a wonderful time distributing it all over the back yard. His bulldozer broke, so I bought another one, but Michael fixed the first one, so now he can have a permanent sandbox bulldozer . I've been enjoying the sand box because I can work in the yard while he plays!

Zane keeps amazing us with his vocabulary and the speed at which he's getting more. This week he learned the concept of fixing, and asks Mama to "Fik it." If I say I can't, he decides Daddy will fik it. In one book, sheep wreck a Jeep, and on the last page is a picture of the wreck. For some reason Zane always say "Man. Fik it." When he gets older we'll work on the definition of "man"!

Friday I needed to take Zane in to the doctor to see about a rash on his hands. The rash is most likely just eczema from dry skin, so we're just lubing up. The good news is that Zane gained 2 lbs 2 oz and a half an inch in the last 5 weeks, so we got to cancel our next weight check up appointment. No more check ups or shots until 2 years! Zane is going through an almost visible growth spurt with his hair and nails growing quickly, too. Many clothes are all of a sudden not fitting! Before when he went through a growth spurt he got skinny and then gained weight after he stopped getting taller, but this time he's got fat cheeks, too. Cutie pie!

Brain growing, getting taller, getting fatter, and also new teeth! His first canine tooth has started to poke through. I hope that since these are pointy it will be an easier event than the molars.

Today we all went to the Seattle Children's Museum and had a great time! I think Zane's favorite thing was the mini Metro bus. He loves to see the buses on the road, and this one he got to get in and out of! We spent a lot of time in the construction room where Michael helped some bigger kids build some walls; Zane walked around industriously moving things around. We finished up with the art room, and Zane got to paint for the first time! He watched the girl next to him for cues on how to do it. Next time we go I think I'll hit the art room first, and then we can take a painting home with us after it has dried while we visit the rest of the museum.

Here's Zane creating his masterpiece. At first he got worried because he got a tiny dab of paint on the easel, but later he was more free spirited.

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Global Grandma said...

Hola Zane,
What a fun week you have had playing outside in the sand, going to the Museum!! I want to play too! I so remember your Mom and Uncle Aaron's sandbox in our yard in Texas, I'm glad Mom found a picture of it for HER birthday! And all that growing and spurting all in one go? Don't get too big before I come in June!

Love and hugs
Grandma Diann