Wednesday, June 27, 2007


As a Maine girl, I'm a fan of the Red Sox, so when I heard they'd be coming to town to play the Mariners, I bought tickets. The day of the game (Monday) was beautiful, but alas, Michael had come down with the crud. I called in Miss Baseball as a pinch hitter, and off we went! I've only been to about 6 or 8 Red Sox games in my life, and I think they've lost each time. I shouldn't have gone Monday night, either, as they lost then, too! I apparently jinxed the entire run as they lost all three games to the Mariners. Dang. Oh well, it was fun, and Miss Baseball got see her team win. There were a ton of Red Sox fans at the stadium, and if you judged by volume of cheering it seemed about 60% Mariners 40% Red Sox.

We had good seats, and I thought I'd take a photo or two for my brother Brady who's hiking the Appalachian Trail and missing the season. Ooops, forgot to check my battery, and I only got one picture, but it was of Manny!
Miss Baseball got some shots for me though. Here's Manny and Big Papi at bat:
Thanks Miss Baseball!

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