Sunday, June 3, 2007

Brad-O-Meter: Pearisburg Plus 50

My brother Brady has checked in again on his trek up the Appalachian Trail. He's made it to Pearisburg, VA which he says is 640 miles on his way, but which the Appalachian Trail Distance Calculator says is 622.1. I'll split the difference for the Brad-O-Meter. Oh, and then he hiked a certain 50 mile segment twice just to hang with some buds. That's dedication! Or maybe he'd just lost his mind after hitching a ride back to Damascus for Trail Days AKA Trail Daze. It looks kind of like a combination of Folklife and the Fremont Fair with camping. I don't see Brady in any of the online photos, but then he could be so trail-grimed that I wouldn't recognize him anyway.

In my tracking of his progress on the maps, he's made it off the GA to NC map, and is now working his way up the NC to VA map.

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