Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Shall Now Moon You

I finished my moon mosaic! This one had a few more problems than the sun, but I have *ahem* learned from these mistakes (I hope). One problem I couldn't get around was my favorite tile no longer being manufactured. I had to start over with a new color and design. The tiles are all iridescent so it's hard to take a good picture, but here's the mosaic compared with the real thing.
It looks better from a distance, and if you squint.

Next up -- the earth. It will be difficult to come up with a design that is not too complex and busy, yet not too cartoony. We shall see.

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Stephanie said...

That turned out AMAZING!!!!! I can't wait to see the Earth you make. I'm excited!! Kyrin knows how to make these as well doesn't she? I'm going to have to make a few for the yard. Great job!!!