Monday, July 9, 2007

Exhausted Joy

Wow. I just went to my first Fiddle Tunes as a full time participant, and I am completely exhausted and exhilarated. It was amazing! I can't wait for next year. Today I'm resting, unpacking, washing, relaxing, organizing photos, and digitizing workshop recordings. My camp mates already have campsites for next year, and I'm already adding things to my list of things to bring.

I'll write about this more later, but highlights were:

  • Randy Wilson and his bluesy banjo style, especially his Deluxe fruitcake banjo.
  • Camping and partying with a fabulous group of people.
  • Making new friends, especially banjo friends.
  • Meeting musical masters who are genuine and friendly people.
  • Beginning to get a handle on how jamming works.
  • Dancing for hours every night (not one bad dance!)
  • Concerts every night filled with earth-shattering musicianship.

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