Monday, July 30, 2007

New Friends in Maine

In addition to meeting up with family and old friends in Maine, I made some new friends, too! I went to Rockland last Tuesday night to see Petula Darling, and I finally met her rabbits Morris and Midge. Morris came to see who was in his house, but Midge was very ... retiring. I could only get a good look at her by taking a flash photo under a piece of furniture and then looking at the result. I'm afraid she looks a bit like a Wallace and Gromit were-rabbit from that point of view:

Although he is a famous interwebs personality, Morris was kind enough to grant me an interview

After the visit, Morris and Midge had a wash up. The camera added a few pounds to Morris' physique; he's really quite svelte.I also met Petula Darling's husband Davis. Have you blog readers noticed how she mentions him but never describes him? Now I know why -- he's really handsome and intelligent! She's making sure she keeps him to herself. :> I thoroughly enjoyed blabbing away with Petula and Davis until I had to tear myself away and go home. Just before I left Davis showed me a hawk skull. Under an antique microscope. He really knows how to impress me! I love bones and old science equipment.

For my next visit I hope to get my act together and bring a petticoat-worthy dress, and we can go out on the town.

The next day I went up to my Dad's and finally met his new cat Scout. She's a young whipper-snapper and full of energy. She also agreed to an interview.

So there you have it. I met two rabbits, a cat, and Petula's husband on my trip to Maine. That's pretty good!


Stephanie said...

I love your interviews :o) They are both the strong silent type.

Petula Darling said...

Excellent reporting!
Morris loves his video and has started signing glossy 8x10 photos of himself in preparation for his oncoming fame, whereas Davis is signing empty picture frames to hand out to his fans, as he enjoys his "Invisible Man" mystique.
I liked Scout's tail maneuvers - I think it's the cat equivalent of the wave of a beauty queen on a parade float.