Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Attack of the Hendersons

In addition to meeting old and new friends, I also of course spent time with my family. My Dad and I had a nice drive to Skowhegan to see my Grandma H and Aunt V before heading to Harpswell for the rest and relaxation part of my visit. I enjoyed reading on the porch while bird watching. I helped my Dad set up a nice awning on the porch; we can call it an awning because it was white and green, otherwise if it had been blue, it really would have been a good ol' Maine tahp. A quick trip out to the Henderson Mooring at the Orr's-Bailey Yacht Club was a nice interlude, too.

I started out the week in Camden with my Mom, and I helped her get a blog started. She'll be heading to Quito this weekend for her next teaching assignment, and hopefully she can keep us updated through the blog! Earlier in the week I enjoyed visiting with my Grandma R and Aunt C in Camden a few times. I also had some extra family around since my sister-in-law's niece was visiting so she could take sailing lessons at the Camden Yacht Club. We had fun painting our nails and putting jewels on them.

All that fun aside, nothing beats the energy of my nephews! We all trooped out to Fernald's Neck Preserve and Balance Rock and had a swim, and Aaron and the kids tried a little fishing.

On the way back my Mom treed the kids in an old cedar tree.

I was also a Very Bad Aunt and encouraged violent behavior from Julian; but he's soooo cute!

And while we're on the subject of attacking Henderson's, let me close with this link my Dad sent me. It's a mashup from the Prelinger Archives showing the Henderson family protecting themselves from a zombie attack. Enjoy!

[edit: embed removed because it would automatically play, which is annoying. Follow this link to see the video.]

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