Monday, August 20, 2007

Cereusly Excited!

I'm very excited! My Night-blooming Cereus bloomed!

I've had this plant for 10 years, and this is only the second time it has bloomed. The first time was six years ago, so it's been a long wait. Each time I only got one bloom. The plant itself is a rather squid-like cactus that is tethered to a curtain rod to keep its tentacles and suckers away from our TV. The flower is beautiful, though, and the scent was heavenly. Kind of like plumeria.

I've become a Cereus filmmaker, and I tacked together all of my photos to create a simulated time-lapse of the flower blooming, taken from several points of view.

I also grew this fantastic bunny carrot! Eyes added, nature did the rest. After I took the photo, Jo Jo ate the carrot. That was its destiny.


Stephanie said...

That flower is amazing! I love how your video turned out. Very cool to see how it opened up! I love your carrot too. If you guys want anymore just let me know. I have a ton from the farm...greens and all!

Petula Darling said...

You are indeed a Cereus filmmaker - that was really cool!
I liked your mutant bunny carrot too. It was as if it grew itself just for Jo Jo.

David said...

That's great! I was given a baby Cereus this year, hope I don't have to wait 5 years for it to bloom. I have had a Cymbidium for 5 years and it bloomed for the first time this spring, 2 flowering stalks, but unlike the Cereus the flowers lasted about 2 months. Good camera work!

Julia Pequlia said...

Well, I hope you don't have to wait five years! My Cereus took 4 years from planting the cutting to the first bloom.

I also had a cymbidium, but I didn't have much luck getting it to bloom again.

Now if my dwarf banana and bird of paradise would bloom, *then* I'd be set!