Monday, August 6, 2007

Wood or Decorative Objects

Michael and I just had our 5th anniversary. You've heard of the silver anniversary, or the golden anniversary? Well, according to a reference book at work, the 5th anniversary is "wood or decorative objects." Whoopee. Some websites list the modern 5th anniversary as the silverware anniversary. It just so happens, we managed to cover both, with this!
Not very decorative you say? But it's wood! And brass! And it holds up silverware! Our silverware drawer broke, and it turns out an awkward plastic thingy which held the drawer slidey-track thing to the wall had shattered. I figured the silverware drawer would sit on the kitchen table for a week or two until I got around to finding a replacement part. But no! My sweet baboo immediately fashioned above pictured bracket, and the two of us managed to install it successfully.

I know this may be hard for many wives to believe, but it was the perfect anniversary gift. Then, after dinner, Michael went to his buddy's house to play Halo. His friends were amazed I let him out. Thus ends a wonderful decoratively wooden silverware-related 5th anniversary.

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Global Grandma said...

Hi Julia,

It is Mom here finally popping my head up after 11 days in Ecuador and checking your blog! Here you were busy fixing your wooden silverware drawer and I was not offering moral support at all! My only excuse is that in the last 11 days I have traveled to Ecuador, found a house to rent, bought all the necessary furnishings, unpacked my shipment from Moscow, worked 8-2 for 4 days at school, and suffered a heavy case of bronchitus while I adjusted to the 9,200 feet altitude. No excuse really. I'll try to be a better Mom in the future!

Love ya!