Thursday, August 16, 2007

Double Tag

A couple of weeks ago Surly Spice tagged me. Since I've already been tagged, and only sorta-complied then, I'll only sorta-comply now. I'm going to take Surly's 8 things, and edit them to make them mine. I'm not gonna tag anyone.

i have four one cats and one rabbit.
i have a sister in law who teaches yoga.
i love think meatball subs are OK, but the ones from Grinders Hot Sands are out of this world.
i do not buy a lot of shoes.
i compulsively pay my bills late on time.
i make a lot of lists. Yes! Me too!
i would rather read the book watch the movie than watch the movie read the book.
i lived in brooklyn and worked in manhattan for nine months seven years.

1 comment:

surly said...

well done. i should have pirated marmite's original eight, since they were more interesting than mine. hmm. note to self.