Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Only 7 Things?!

After successfully completing the KCLS 27 Things Learning 2.0, you would think that a task of only 7 things would be easy. Last week Snuffywump tagged me to post 7 random things about myself. I have been pro. craaas. ti. naaa. ting. I'm supposed to tag 7 other people to do it, but I just can't bring myself to do it; I don't mind being tagged, but I can't spam my friends -- they would hate it. So I dispense with the rules at the risk of breaking the chain and accidentally getting strangled by my sweatshirt in a freak chain-breaker-related accident.

  1. My pinkie fingers are crooked. They look like they were broken, but I was just born that way.

  2. I consider myself a Mainer, but the secret truth is that I was born in Atlanta and then lived in Texas and *then* moved to Maine by the time I was about 1 year old. My parents and their families go waaaaay back in Maine, so I feel like my birth place is really inconsequential. Sometimes people from away have children in Maine, and they think that makes their kids Mainers; the Maine response is "If a cat has kittens in the oven you don't call 'em biscuits." Ergo, by the inverse of the biscuit law, Ich bin ein Mainer.

  3. While I was living in Chicago, a stray cat died in the yard at the bottom of our apartment building. I convinced the owner to mow around it while it slowly rotted in the yard. Then, I carefully cleaned the bones as best I could, boiled them clean, and now I have a cool cat skeleton! I keep meaning to take it to a taxidermist to have it mounted. You know, I think I already mentioned that in the blog, but oh well.

  4. I like to watch real wrestling: scholastic, freestyle, and Greco-Roman. Not that W-whatever crap. Other kinds of W-Crap bother me, too. In High School my health teacher Rick Hamel asked me if I'd like to manage the wrestling team, and I was hooked. Why did he pick me? Because I was quiet, studious, and drab and wouldn't go gaga over the guys nor they over me. Pathetic for me, smart for Mr. Hamel. I'm pretty excited that women are being accepted more and more in the sport. I'm too wimpy to do it myself (other than on small defenseless children), but yay for Kristi Pearse, Chianne Simmons, and Logan Rich (103) at CHRHS!

  5. Nicknames I've had: Julia Pequlia (obviously), Jupey-Do, Jul, Jules, Ju-Ju Tubes.

  6. I absolutely *loathe* bananas.

  7. I lived in Cairo for 4 and half months during my Junior year abroad. While there, I never went to Thebes. It was hard to travel because our grades got docked if we didn't go to class. That sucked. Actually, and disappointingly, so did most of my experiences in Cairo.

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rickobaggins said...

You forgot to mention "Gib" as a nickname.