Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Empty Nest

This past Saturday morning I sat out in my backyard with Jo Jo (my rabbit), expecting to see the Bewick's wrens fledge. After about 45 minutes, I realized I had not seen the parents at all. Usually they are zipping back and forth bringing food in and taking poop out and scolding me for watching. After waiting quite a while longer, my investigations (listening and sticking my finger in the nest box) revealed that nobody was home. They haven't been seen since! I sincerely hope it's because the babies fledged successfully, and the family has moved off to mature elsewhere. The other option is that something came along and ate them all. Shudder. Think happy thoughts. If the parents come back in a couple of weeks to raise another brood, I'll know they thought it was a good place to raise a family, and therefore the babies probably survived.

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Stephanie said...

Oh man...I sure hope they just fledged sucessfully and not the other option. I think with the parents as good as they were (I was in awe when I was over there the other day! It was so cool to see *both* caring for the little babies) I'm sure they are all fine. That's what I'm going to stick with because I can't even fathom the other one. So..they are off flying around somewhere else.