Thursday, May 24, 2007

Here Comes the Sun!

I have a grande planne to re-do my back patio which involves mosaics, circular brick patterns, and steppable ground cover. Today I finished my first mosaic, which is of the sun. Ta da!It's only the second mosaic I've ever done, and I'm very proud of it. It's 16" in diameter and about 25 lbs. Everything went as planned! Surely I will have to pay for that good karma with a flat tire or something in the near future.

Next I'm starting on a Moon, and then will, surprisingly, do an Earth. I toyed with doing the whole Solar System, but I decided that wasn't really realistic. Maybe some day ... Meanwhile, I have some cool iridescent greys and opaline whites to turn into a moon-saic!


Kyrin said...

Aunt Juila-

Wow! I really like your mosaic! It's really, REALLY cool! It reminds me of when we went to that mosaic class! That was *lots* of fun! I hope we get to do something equally as fun sometime! As it is that I made mosaic still sits on the mantle, picture-less! :o) But anyway, your mosaic sun is really, really cool! Good luck with your mosaic Moon and Earth, I hope they turn out as cool as your Sun!


Julia Pequlia said...

Thanks Kyrin! The mosaic class *was* super fun! I've been looking for something similar we can do again, maybe with your Mom, too. If you see somthing, let me know!

Stephanie said...

I *love* your sun mosaic. I am totally jealous now of the class you guys took. We definitely have to find something like that to all go to sometime. I wonder if there are any jewlery ones or something like that? I'll have to look around here and see what they have. But you did a great job. I love the sun spots. Very cool.

Matsumom said...

Julia --
I was raving aboutyour blog to Ka and Avis while we were doing learning 2.0 stuff at work. I hadn't looked at it in a while and was impressed with all that you had added. I didn't realize you had finished 2 of 3 mosaics. They look beautiful! you really learned a lot in that mosaic class. Some day if I have free time I'll have to do something like that with Maya!


Kathleen said...

I was looking for info about step-ables and found your post. The sun mosaic is just beautiful! You did an amazing job!

Julia Pequlia said...

Thanks everybody!