Saturday, May 5, 2007

Second Life Proxemics

When I was an Anthropology major at Bowdoin College, one of the topics that fascinated me was proxemics. Edward T. Hall (my favorite anthropologist -- don't you have one?) has done some fascinating writing on the subject in The Hidden Dimension. I wrote a paper for an anthro class by observing social groupings and splittings during mealtimes at my fraternity Psi U (it's a co-ed fraternity).

NPR recently posted a short video about proxemics and the virtual world Second Life. Check it out! It's fascinating. Well, it is to me!


KCLS Learning 2.0 said...

Thank you for posting the video, Ms. Pequilia - it was excellent. Does this mean you are interested in working a KCLS Second Life reference desk?

Julia Pequlia said...

Well, actually, yes, I would be!