Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stress Free = Long Life

Well, I'm back from Maine, and it took bloody forever. I was supposed to catch a 4:14pm flight out of Portland (Maine), get to Detroit with 40 minutes between flights, and be home by 9:25pm. I actually got home 14 hours later than that. Thunderstorms in NY mucked up at east coast air traffic. We finally flew to Detroit 2.5 half hours late, and my flight was long gone. I had to stay in a hotel overnight and fly out the next morning.

But you know what? I just relaxed and enjoyed it! The flight to Detroit was through towering fluffy clouds with afternoon light making them peachy and gold. Far off thunder heads looked like massive glaciers and icebergs. It was like being in a Maxfield Parrish sky. I had no trouble getting a hotel in Detroit, and I got to luxuriate in a king sized bed all my own. Kind of like being on vacation from life: not on vacation, not at home, just in limbo.

Anyway, I'm home now, and pictures and videos will appear soon. Meanwhile, take a look at Poodwaddle Clocks where you can Calculate Your Real Age based on factors like health, risk behaviors, and stress. I'm happy to be reminded that remaining stress-free when factors are out of your control gives you a better chance at a longer life. According to the website, even though I am 39 with a base/average life-expectancy of 75, I'm really 10.7 years old and have a life-expectancy of 103.3. I feel 10.7! I'm just glad to not actually be 10.7 anymore.

I wonder if Michael knows I'm so immature and he's stuck with me for so long?

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